Water Features

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A great way to cool down any outdoor space is to install a water feature. Water features have the ability to bring peace, tranquility, and a natural beauty to any outdoor space. As time has progressed, so have our water features, allowing us to design intricate water features that are sure to wow any visitors. Our Mulberry Landscape Studios team has all of the experience, knowledge, and creativity to design and install you a beautifully designed water feature. Whether you are looking for a small fountain feature to decorate your front yard, or a large, intricate pond with a waterfall in your backyard, our Mulberry team is prepared to help you design the water feature of your dreams. Our Mulberry design team will sit down with you and go over several options, show you examples of our previous work, and learn what type of feature and designs you are interested in. Then, we will draw up several designs, get your feedback on them, and install the feature you love.

When selecting what type of water feature you want to install in your yard there are several factors to consider.

  • Material Type: From stone to bronze to terracotta you have tons of materials to choose from when designing your custom water feature. Our Mulberry team will help guide you towards a design and material that will compliment your home’s atmosphere, as well as stand the test of time.
  • Simple Design or Complicated Masterpiece: Do you want your water feature to blend into your current landscaping or to be the showpiece of your yard? Whichever you choose, we guarantee you’ll love your water feature.

At Mulberry Landscape Studio we love working with our customers on designing and installing their dream water features. Every new project brings a fresh set of creativity and a passionate drive to design the latest, best feature for our customer. Our design team and landscapers are passionate about delivering you the best-finished product possible, which is why we want to know every detail you want in your feature. Call our Las Vegas office so that we can give you a free estimate on a water feature for your space and get started on designing your landscapes newest addition.