Outdoor Kitchens

Are you in need of a space to gather your friends and family this summer? Do you want to have a spot to grill, prepare drinks and entertain? Then an outdoor kitchen just might be the best project to enhance your backyard. An outdoor kitchen is great for entertaining company, adding value to your home, and expanding the living space on your home. Plus, grilling allows you to cook healthier, less greasy food for your friends and family. Our Mulberry team has worked on tons of outdoor kitchens, honing our skills, and enhancing all of our design ideas. We have all of the skills and knowledge to provide you with an outdoor kitchen that has a grill (or two), a fridge, a bar, storage cabinets, a pizza oven, and even a kegerator. So, whether you are looking for a small outdoor kitchen that gives you just a bit more prep room for your food or an outdoor kitchen that has all of the add-ons you need to live outside, our Mulberry team is ready to help.

Our Mulberry Landscape Studio team is ready to work with you on finding a design that fits your outdoor space, your budget, and meets all of your needs and wants in an outdoor kitchen. We understand that we aren’t just designing a kitchen, but rather building you a space that will allow you, your friends, and your family to gather in for years to come, which is why our Mulberry team is so dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of work. Our team members will work diligently, efficiently, and passionately to deliver you your finished project on time. We always welcome feedback, suggestions, or critiques, so that we can ensure you are 100% satisfied with your finished product. If you are interested in having our Mulberry Landscape Studio design your dream outdoor kitchen, feel free to contact us so that we can provide you with a free estimate. Also, take a look at some of our previous projects so that you can begin discovering what design elements you like and don’t like.